Minor Adjustments, major results...

Deploying best practices from leaders in violence prevention, COMMA’s innovative approach to community empowerment seeks to reduce harm and advance social equity.
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“Primary Prevention” Modules for Schools, Businesses and Social Groups

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Draw from 30 Years of Event Production and Project Management

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Facilitation Practices for Conflict Resolution and Deep Learning


Relationship Rookies pilot their "Near-Peer" Education Program!

A squad of youth leaders from Steamboat Springs High School collaborated with COMMA to develop a tailored version of the “Good for Each Other” program for Steamboat Springs Middle School Health classes (to begin with). 

Piloted in January 2024, ten remarkable teens led the “Relationship Rookies” near-peer presentation for nearly 50 Sixth Graders with excellent results!


COMING SOON: “The Digital Flood” Session at CAIA


What people are saying…

“I’ve had employees stop me or call me to say thanks, happy to see the company committing to a safer workplace and how valuable the information has been. A huge thanks to you for creating and providing this training. This is a positive direction for not only our employees but the entire community.”

Trish Sullivan
Vice President – Human Resources    Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation

“One of the best speakers I’ve ever seen. Graham not only has a strong understanding of the subjects he covers, but his dynamic presentation style really draws people in.”

      Lisel Petis
        Criminal Justice Policy Expert   R Street Institute 

I have been so impressed with the work of COMMA. Graham is amazing with our Hayden Valley School students, both in a small group setting and in a larger group presentation. Our students were very engaged and can verbalize what they learned from him (in education, that’s huge!) I know Hayden Valley Schools will continue to benefit greatly from the work of COMMA and we are so excited to continue in this partnership!”

Erin Wallace
Social Worker
Hayden Valley Schools

Community Leaders Who’ve Hosted Programs

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