COMMA is an innovative, project-driven service program of the Better Tomorrow organization, working in close partnership with Advocates of Routt County to confront issues of sexual assault, relationship abuse, and human trafficking in Northwest Colorado. Providing a catalog of empowering “primary prevention” programs on how to comprehend and confront these issues, designing and producing compelling events, and collaborating on community initiatives, COMMA expands awareness of complex social issues and provides insights about how to prevent, intervene, or respond to them.

DISCLAIMER: COMMA policies and practices are centered on the belief that ALL PEOPLE of ALL IDENTITIES are inherently worthy of living free from discrimination, abuse and violence. Beyond merely stating the obvious, that basic human rights and human dignity should be applied to everyone regardless of identity, COMMA celebrates the immense value of diversity, diverse identities, diverse ideas, and proactively integrating various perspectives, opinions and practices.

Finally, in an era where threats to marginalized peoples are increasing in frequency, visibility, and cruelty…

COMMA takes a firm stand against bigotry in all its forms. 


Provide engaging, research-informed, culturally-responsive learning opportunities to reduce harm and improve the quality of life for all communities


Communities everywhere being empowered with greater awareness of social conditions and actionable knowledge to prevent, disrupt, and respond to misconduct or abuse


Similar to Buckminster Fuller’s “trim tab” theory, COMMA refers to applying a slight adjustment to create a substantial outcome… especially as related to interpersonal conduct

Graham Hackett

Graham Hackett

COMMA Program Director (Justice Advocate/ Lead Facilitator)


He/Him (Omega Masculine)

Gen X (Sweetspot Generation)

Abolitionist White Boy 

Secondary Survivor

A career-long educator and justice advocate, Graham specialized in serving high-risk youth and juvenile inmates for many years under a gang-violence prevention initiative in North Carolina. In 2014, Graham pivoted to join the movement to end sexual and relationship violence by designing and touring the Culture of Consent program to colleges across the U.S. From there, he went on to serve as Education Coordinator and ultimately Director of Prevention Programs for the rape crisis center of Buncombe County, NC. Serving in a similar capacity for Advocates of Routt County between 2019-2023, Graham held the title of Social Change Program Director. And now, still working closely with Advocates, as Director of COMMA, Graham coordinates events, outreach efforts, special projects, and regularly facilitates “primary prevention” programs for schools, businesses, and the community.

[On a personal note, it seems worth mentioning that despite being a 40-something hetero-presenting cis-white dude, a couple of decades of justice work has fully alerted me to my privilege and I’ve put real time in attempting to eliminate my blind-spots… of course, I’m as flawed as anyone and mistakes happen, but I’d still ask skeptics-due-to-my-demographic to consider hearing me out. This harm reduction work is offered in good faith and designed for literally everyone willing to collaborate.]


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