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Whether it’s a Restorative RoundTable process solving issues between individuals or a Community RoundTable with marginalized populations to ensure their voice is heard in the community… bringing people together through a facilitated communication practice can produce powerful results.

Restorative practices may be deployed in local schools, businesses, or even social groups for conflict resolution, harm reduction, victim-centered restitution, strengthening relationships, and more.

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Restorative RoundTable


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In April, 2023 a group of high school students were singled out for participating in a serious race-based incident. As part of the school’s response and the DA’s safety plan these students participated in a Restorative RoundTable… and produced amazing results. 

Each student verbally explored a range of challenging topics, expressed recognition of wrongdoing, and committed to improving their conduct in the future.


“We really saw huge growth in students in a short period of time.”

Kezia Zuber

Secondary Counselor, Hayden Valley Schools

Community RoundTable


RoundTable Report Brief Pres’

One hugely successful Community RoundTable occurred in 2022, when a coalition of local leaders unified as the Social Justice Coalition (now disbanded), secured funding from the City of Steamboat Springs, engaged with DEI specialist ESG Consulting to ensure best practices and partnered with Yampa Valley Pride to gather insight from the LGBTQ+ community.

Then, guided by a professional data analyst, the stories, insights, and data collected were reviewed and compiled into the “2022 LGBTQIA2S+ RoundTable Report.” The report was then offered freely throughout the community to inform service providers, educators, and other institutions on how to improve their awareness, responsiveness, policies and practices in a way that reduces harm. 

The full report can be downloaded HERE:

Acknowledgment: Restorative Justice practices have roots in Tribal Native traditions that have been in use for hundreds of years.

Special Thanks to Grandmother Strong Oak, CCASA, and The Circles Project for collaborating and guiding this work.

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